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Providing Premium Insurance Audit Services Since 1977

GDD Associates, Inc. will audit the records of businesses to determine proper insurance premiums. This is a field service that requires GDD employees to schedule an appointment and visit the insured business to review payroll and/or sales records. Auditors will apply state workers' compensation rules to determine proper classifications and exposures for each business audited.

GDD employs an audit management system with real time accuracy for optimal tracking of your audit request. Audit requests are scanned via image technology and are always accessible to both the field auditor and the office staff to better serve your specific needs.

Quality control is maintained by a staff of experienced insurance premium auditors using the latest hardware and software technologies.

"the latest in premium audit technology"

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Microsoft .Net framework
  • Architected to utilize the power of the Internet for audit transmissions
  • Built on state of the art Field Audit Notebooks; the "DayTona"
  • Generation hardware and software; the "DayTona" was preceded by the "DaySprinter" and the "DayRunner".
    • Light weight, smaller than normal laptops
    • 6.5 hour battery life
    • Touch screen with electronic signature capability
  • Dual flat screen technology employed to do audit review
  • Easy link capabilities with the field auditors

Easy to learn and use

  • Handles complex multi-entity, multi-location audits
  • Easy entry payroll and exposure information

Built on cutting edge database technology – SQL Server

  • Simple field sort and re-order capability

Imaging technology utilized for forms submission

  • Easy to attach scanned images to audits
  • Ability to easily retrieve audit requests based on image

Web Site Customer Access to inventory, status, completed audits with imaged attachments very fast, only 2-3 seconds between screens

Audit books sent to Insurance companies, best in the industry

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to understand
  • Straightforward data presentation in an industry standard format
  • Understandable sections flow smoothly
  • Most reports will print on one or two pages allowing for better quality control efficiencies
  • Easy to train
  • Straightforward to implement
  • Review time cut by 20-30%

Highly flexible management capabilities

  • Easy to track and determine audit status
  • Audits can be easily assigned
  • Reporting that meets the needs of the senior staff
  • Ability to locate and find any audit within the system and its status
  • Reporting abilities to determine time an audit has spent in each phase of the audit process
  • Ability to look at auditor load distribution

Exceptional audit history and notation capabilities

  • Ability to print all notes and distinguish between internal and external notes
  • Ability to look at previous year audits within the system
  • Ability to track audits from point of origin and originating Insurance companies

System administration features

  • Ability to setup auditors and control information within the system
  • Ability to do basic audit load balancing so no auditor gets overwhelmed
  • Ability to setup contacts and insurance companies for ease of contact
  • Auto-assign feature for assignments based on Zip Code

Data importation from 3rd party systems

  • Map Pro software to define auditor regions
  • Links to network mapping products to determine travel routes

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